Holy Week and Easter services

Sunday 25 March      PALM SUNDAY

8.00 am                       Mass

10.00 am                     PROCESSION and PARISH MASS

6.00 pm                       Evening Mass

Monday evening            Passover Meal (ticketed)

Tuesday 8.00 pm           We watch the acclaimed film Silence (second half only – it’s a long                                               film!) in the vicarage

Wednesday 8.00 pm     Stations of the Cross

Thursday 29 March      MAUNDY THURSDAY     

8.00 p.m.                      MASS OF THE LAST SUPPER followed by the Watch through the                                              night and Friday morning

Friday 30 March           GOOD FRIDAY

2.00 p.m.                      CELEBRATION OF THE LORD’S PASSION

Saturday 31 March       EASTER EVE

9.00 p.m.                      VIGIL OF THE RESURRECTION

Sunday 1 April          EASTER DAY

8.00 a.m.                      Mass

10.00 a.m.                    PARISH MASS

6.00 pm                        Evening Mass of the Supper at Emmaus

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