Baptism (being christened) is the beginning of our Christian journey as members of the Church. Most of those christened at St Anne’s are young children, but there are also older people who take this first step of discipleship.
If you would like to discuss a christening, please come along to our 10 am service. Do not be afraid to bring babies and children – they will be in good company! Introduce yourself to the vicar after the service and he will make a date to visit you and take things from there.
Baptism is offered to those who live in the parish and those who are regular worshippers at St Anne’s. Others living outside the parish should normally be baptised in their own parish church.

Adult Baptism

In the normal course of events adult baptism is linked with the person’s confirmation as a member of the Christian faith. For further details, please speak to the vicar.

Understanding what baptism isThe decision for baptism is a decision about joining the Christian community. Today when people are baptized they are declaring their intention to grow as a member of the Church. You cannot be a baptized Christian and not belong to a Church.

The Christian community is not simply another club. There are lots of associations that provide a social life and support. The church is a community which believes that life should be centred on God as revealed in the life of Jesus. It is a community committed to praying for those who are its members and those who are not. Christianity is a religion that demands that our faith be put into action to create a better world. Not only should we love others as individuals, but we should work together to change society so that it is a better place in which to live. Christians have a desire to change the world and make it more like the one they believe God intended. You are welcome to join us.

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