Thinking more about our faith

Teaching and learning have always been an important part of Church life. We run Adult Bible Study groups at different times of the year, and you can also find a selection of materials in the church, on a variety of Christian topics – helping us think more deeply about what it means to be a follower of Christ today.

We’ve posted some examples here.

On the Bible

Books of the Bible (with a touch of humour)

An overview of the Old Testament

Four Gospels: one Jesus

Reading St Matthew

Reading St Mark

Reading St Luke

Jesus’ death and resurrection

St Paul

On Christian Belief

Understanding the Creed

Understanding Creation

Being Anglicans


On Prayer and Worship

The Church’s Year

The Lord’s Prayer

The theology of the Eucharist

Commentary on the Mass

On Christian Living

Save money, save the planet

Virtue ethics

What makes us happy?

Thinking about our work



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