Am I in the parish?

If you wish to get married at St Anne’s, or are going to be married in another church and need to have banns of marriage read, or if you would like to discuss a baptism, we may need to know whether you live in either St Anne’s or St Faith’s parishes. You can check this on our list of streets below or enter your postcode at AChurchnearyou. (If you find on this site that you live near a parish boundary you can click or move the marker to your exact location.)

To discuss matters to do with weddings and baptisms, please come to St Anne’s on any Thursday at 7.30 pm.

List of parish streets:

Acris Street

Allfarthing Lane

Alma Road

Alverton Court, Tonsley Street

Aslett Street

Aspley Road

Ballantine Street

Barchard Street

Barmouth Road

Bartholomew Close

Beresford Mews

Birdhurst Road

Bloomsbury Place

Bluewater House

Bassingham Road

Borrodaile Road

Bramford Road

Brocklebank Road (odds)

Bucharest Road

Cader Road

Cicada Road

Coleford Road

Compass House*

Crealock Street

Crieff Road

Dalby Road

Daphne Street

Dault Road

Delia Street

Dempster Road

Denton Street

Dighton Road

Dolphin House*

Earlsfield Road (1-125, 2-138)

East Hill 1-147

East Hill 2-202

Ebner Street

Edgel Street (industrial units)

Eglantine Road

Eltringham Street (evens)

Fairfield Court, Fairfield Street

Fairfield Street

Fairfield Drive, Fairfield Street

Ferrier Road

Fullerton Road

Esparto Street

Furmage Street

Galesbury Road

Garratt Lane (1-227, 4-160)

Garrick Close

Garton Place

Geraldine Road

Heathfield Gardens

Heathfield Road (33-71, 32 & 34)

Herndon Road

Huguenot Mansions

Huguenot Place

Huntingdon Court, Fairfield Street

Iron Mill Road

Jessica Road

Jews Row

Jeypore Road

Killarney Road

Knoll Road

Lincoln Court, Tonsley Street

Malva Close

Marcilly Road (Westside)

Marcus Street

Marcus Terrace

Marl Road

Melody Road

Morie Street

Nantes Close (31-94)

Old York Road (386-613, 294A-412)

Pentland Gardens

Pentland Street

Pier Terrace

Podmore Rod

Quarry Road

Ram Street

Ridgmount Road

Riverside West, Anchor House*

Rosehill Road

St Ann’s Crescent

St Ann’s Hill

St Ann’s Park Road

Selsey Court, Tonsley Street

Shorham Close

Smugglers Way

Spanish Road

Spencer Park

Swaffield Road

Swanage Road

Swandon Way

The Causeway

Tonsley Hill

Tonsley Place

Tonsley Road

Tonsley Street

Trefoil Road

Treport Road

Turenne Close

Twilley Street (1-79, 2-34)

Vermont Street

Wandsworth Common North Side (25-51, 58-96)

Wandsworth Common West Side

Wandsworth High Street 2-70

Wandsworth High Street 39-95

Stimpsons Buildings

Wendlesworth Estate

Westdean Close

Westover Road

Windmill Road

Wycombe Place

* full address e.g. Anchor House, Riverside West, Smugglers Way …

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