Our Sunday School

The Sunday School doing a presentation in church

The Sunday School meets during the 10 am Sunday service except in school holidays and welcomes children from ages 3 to 10. A group for 10 years upwards meets monthly.  Nessie Francis, our Sunday School leader, writes:

When I described what we do at Sunday School to my sister, her reaction was “you are so hard core!”. A curious description of a Sunday School I thought! She meant, of course, that whilst many Sunday Schools are little more than a creche, St Anne’s is much, much more. Each week the children are occupied in Christian activities that challenge and entertain them. They learn, they think, they do, they present, they discuss but above all, they engage. During these sessions, the children produce either wonderful pieces of work which they take home or beautiful display boards which decorate the church and demonstrate their thriving confidence.

A good example of this confidence was earlier this year one of the projects had involved making cakes and sandwiches for the congregants (the project theme was “sharing”) and it was with great joy and pride (if that’s not a deadly sin!) that I watched the children grabbing plates and offering the food around – showing an understanding of the lesson, an eagerness to share, poise and such wonderful manners!

Our numbers are growing and we are very lucky to have a new member on our staff who will be leading, once a month, the 10+ year olds.

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