Notices for the week of 14 January 2018




100 Club

Bill Travers (7350 1745) is collecting subscriptions for this year’s 100 Club. The monthly draw offers smaller prizes, but much better odds, than the National Lottery, with profits going to the Church.


Membership for the year is £15 a number (£60 for five numbers) and prizes are £35 and £10 monthly, with a half-yearly jackpot of £100. The ‘year’ will run from 1 February 2018 to 31 January 2019. 


The Friday afternoon Study Group meets this Friday at 2.00 pm in the vicarage. If you are interested have a word with Fr Gordon.


Safeguarding is an important part of life nowadays and can be daunting until we know the basics. The Five Churches have organised a Safeguarding training on Saturday 24 February at St Barnabas Church Hall, from 10am-1pm. It is a foundation training for anyone working with young people or vulnerable adults and those who hold positions of trust – e.g. welcomers and servers – and PCC members. Please speak to Fr Gordon, Stephanie Schlingensiepen or Henrike Wilford by 16 February if you are interested.


The Christmas collections for BEST Wandsworth Prison Visitors and Small Steps for children with physical disabilities raised a total of £4803.14! Well done and thank you to all who contributed.


Fusion Youth Group for young people from the Five Churches

Future meetings (on Sunday evenings):

4th February                4th March                    15th April

3rd June                       1st July                         16th September


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Service at St John’s Methodist Church, East Hill

7.30 pm Tuesday 23 January

Speaker: Guy Mayers, High Commission of St Lucia to London



28 January: Candlemas is also the day we collect old Palm Crosses to be burned for the ashes on Ash Wednesday: time to bring them along!



Sunday           14 January                  Baptism of Christ

     8.00 am                       Mass

     10.00 am                     PARISH MASS


Tuesday           7.30 for 8 pm                PCC in the vicarage

Wednesday      11.30 am                        Funeral of Beatrice Onwuchelawa

Thursday          9.00 am                       Messy Church                  

                         5.30 pm                       Children’s choir practice

     7.30 pm                       Adults’ choir practice

     7.30 pm                        Baptism and Wedding Enquiries


Friday               9.15-11.30 am              Peppercorns in church

                         2.00 pm                       Study Group in the vicarage

Saturday           9.15 am                        Rainbows in Church


Sunday           21 January                 Third Sunday of Epiphany

     8.00 am                       Mass

     10.00 am                     PARISH MASS




BIRTHDAYS:   Suzie Alway (15th); Natasha and Alexander Handley (16th); Maud Gambier-Ellis, Albert Taylor (19th); Katya Smith (20th).  

SICK:               Give thanks for recovery of baby Joshua, home from hospital

On our prayer board:  Margaret Folkes; Charmaine Mallinckrodt; Nicola Prior;

Jonno Robertson; Susan Szumowski; Simon Tarabain; Jess Wise; Hercules Agiotis;.

Long term:       Anne-Marie Carty;Peter Copeman; David Peters.     


Anniversaries:  Terry Davies, Joan Carton de Wiart (14th); John Roberts (15th); Cyril Davey (16th); Jane Bell (17th); Fred Austin, Nick Boyce (19th).


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