Notices for the week of 8 October



The Glass Door Sleep Out for the homeless was on Friday 6 October. Maud Gambier-Ellis, Karen Mayne and Clare Groves are recovering and looking for sponsor money!


A Glass Door shelter for the homeless will be open on Friday nights this winter at St Barnabas, Southfields. The shelter is led by professionals but they need volunteers to help cook and provide supper and breakfast. If you can help, contact the administrator at St Barnabas, Claire Fox, at


The Wandsworth Society is holding a commemoration of Shirley Passmore at Le Gothique on Friday 20 October from 6.30 pm. All who knew Shirley will be welcome to join this celebration.  As well as a buffet supper, there will be some tributes to Shirley, some readings and, we hope, music too – and there will of course be many reminiscences to be shared … and no doubt some laughter.
To cover costs, there will be a charge of £25 a head for the buffet supper and a ‘welcome drink’.  Please book to attend no later than Sunday 15 October, with Caroline Pook at (or phone her on 020 8870 4958).  She will then notify you about the arrangements for payment.

Christmas charity


Each year the PCC selects a charity to support with our Christmas collections. If you know a charity you would like us to consider do have a word with Gordon or one of the PCC (they’re the ones with the photographs on the notice board!). We generally like to support smaller charities rather than the national names, but causes have varied enormously over the years.



Are any children interested in joining the children’s choir? Have a word with Fr Gordon or phone Wendy Faulkner on 07764 604629.




 For your diary:       Sunday 12 November  Remembrance Day

                                10 am Family Service followed by Act of Remembrance at 11am

For other dates and events see our parish  – take a look! 


Why is there scaffolding outside? The window frames have not been painted in decades. Luckily they have escaped rot but still there is much filling to do as well as painting. The big problem is the hoppers at the top of the drain pipes. At least one is leaking water against the wall, so they have reached the end of their time and need replacing.




Remember Wandsworth Foodbank

Urgently Need:  Tinned Fruit, Tinned Veg (peas, carrots, sweetcorn), Sponge Pudding (long life), Rice Pudding, Tinned Tomatoes, Tinned Meat (esp Corned Beef), Sugar esp 500g bags), UHT Milk,  Long-life Fruit Juice, Pasta Sauce, Jam, Male Deodorant.              . 

Have large stocks of:  Baked Beans, Pasta, Breakfast Cereals, Pulses and Lentils, Chick Peas, Kidney Beans, Feminine Hygiene, Nappies.






Sunday           8 October                  St Faith


                        8.00 am                      Mass

    10.00 am                     PARISH MASS and Baptism


Thursday          9.00 am                        Messy Church


                         4.45 pm                        Children’s Confirmation in vicarage


                         5.30 pm                        Children’s choir practice


     7.30 pm                         Adults’ choir practice


    7.30 pm                          Baptism and Wedding Enquiries


 Friday             9.15-11.30 am                Peppercorns in church                                       


Sunday          15 October                   Huguenot Sunday


                        8.00 am                       Mass


    10.00 am                      PARISH MASS






BIRTHDAYS:   Robert Newman (14th).  


SICK:               Esme Buckingham.


On our prayer board:  Margaret Folkes; Charmaine Mallinckrodt;


Jonno Robertson; Simon Tarabain; Jess Wise.


Long term:       Anne-Marie Carty;Peter Copeman; David Peters.     




Anniversaries:  Florrie Sexton, Eddie Cort (13th); John Williams (14th).


WW1 centenary:  Frank E Burgess; William S Peach.




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