God is with us in good times and in bad, and the Church’s ministry is important to people whether they are regular members or not.

Often the clergy are called to minister to people at the end of their life, and you can telephone the vicar (020 8874 2809) for this at any time.

A funeral in church gives people the space to commemorate their loved one in a fitting manner and to commend them to God with thanksgiving and prayer. The usual (but not the only) pattern is to have the service in church and then to proceed to the crematorium or cemetery afterwards. Memorial services may be held when the funeral has been elsewhere or to mark anniversaries. But the clergy discuss the details of every service so that it is appropriate for the deceased and their family and friends.

If you have to plan a funeral and are considering having it in church you would do well to contact the clergy as soon as possible, but even if you have not done so you should state your intention to the undertaker so that they can make the appropriate plans.

Every year on the Sunday near to 2 November (“All Souls Day”) there is a commemoration of the departed at St Anne’s Church to which families of those who have had funerals are invited.

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