Worship at St Anne’s is fairly traditional but relaxed. There is never a service without children, and the congregation is made up of people of all sorts of backgrounds.

We have two services on Sundays, one at 8am and one at 10am. We also have special or additional services, depending on the season, for example Christmas.

Babies are most welcome at services – and we have lots! If your baby becomes too restive or needs changing then the Vestry (back of the Church on the left) is a private and quiet area with carpet, and toys and a changing mat available. There is a speaker fitted in the room so you can still follow the service. You can feed your baby either in church or in the vestry as you prefer. But don’t be shy – we enjoy seeing parents and children out in the church with everyone else.

Older children are also welcome to attend our Sunday School. About once a month in term we hold a Children’s Mass, a simpler version of the service aimed more at children but still very popular with the adults.

You can find recent sermons at St Anne’s under Teaching

Three times a year we have an ‘Adult Sunday School‘ – this takes place during the middle part of the service, in place of a sermon, and is an opportunity for us to think together about issues which are important to us. Recent topics have included: comparing the gospels; the environment; what is Anglicanism?; what makes us happy?

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